Acrylic of all different colours and finishes can be very precisely engraved or etched using the laser.

Laser engraving acrylic does not involve any risk of scratching the material that traditional rotational engraving or milling can result in, It produces a crisp and clean frosted effect and when on flat or bent sheets can be edge lit using leds causing the engraved details to light up within the clear panel, a very eye catching result that can be given increased 3 Dimensional depth by varying the depth of engraving.

Acrylic awards of many strange shapes and sizes are available on the market and can be engraved with very fine details including text that’s only 1mm in height and is perfectly formed. Another method can also be used which engraves away the background leaving the details in relief.

A popular effect used in the interior design of shops, bars and nightclubs etc., involves clear acrylic panels colour coated on one side then company logos or details are reverse engraved through the coating creating an image that can be back lit for use in bright striking displays.