Memorial & Dedication Plates


Plaques are manufactured from the highest quality materials including stainless steel, polished lacquered brass of different colours, anodised aluminium, acrylic and
many other materials suitable for laser engraving.

All plaques can be mounted to wooden backing plates, stand-off posts or
various capped screws.

Stainless steel plates are processed with Ceramic Laser compound to provide a modern stylish look, black marking contrasted against the brushed stainless steel background is a truly striking result and is really easy to clean using simple baby oil.

Anodised aluminium plates are processed using only laser power which marks the coating white and with lots of vibrant coloured backgrounds available it can be used in almost any application.

Anodised aluminium can be simply washed
and buffed clean with a dry cloth.

Polishes brass plaques are either
engraved and then paint filled with
enamel to survive outdoors for years to come or processed with Ceramic Laser compound to create a robust lasting
surface mark.