Serial & Vin Plates


We manufacture bespoke industrial machine plates, VIN plates and serial numbered plates from stainless steel sheet, polished brass, anodised aluminium, plastic and many more materials to try and accommodate all our customers requirements.

At Dorchester Laser Tech we work closely with our customers to provide a bespoke plate layout and design that can contain practically any information you wish including company logo, company details, product details, 2D Datamatrix codes, linear bar codes and any applicable certification marks.


Stainless steel plates are processed with Ceramic Laser compound to provide the most robust mark possible, this method is widely used here at Dorchester Laser Tech for very harsh environment applications such as quarry screening and crushing equipment.

Anodised aluminium plates are processed using only laser power which marks the coating white without removing it, therefore retaining all the protective properties associated with this material.