Plastic Laminates


Lots of different plastics can be engraved using laser which cuts into and removes the surface material to produce the required mark which can then be wax filled to add colour to the engraving, this process is used for applying coloured text to products such as electrical face plates.



Many types of plastic laminates 
are also available
for laser
engraving and cutting, these
consist of a core plastic of one
colour which is laminated
with a very thin surface
plastic of another colour.
When the laser engraves
away the surface colour the
core colour below is

Plastic laminates are available in many different core and surface colours as well as having many different surface finishes like wood grain, brushed brass and brushed stainless steel to name a few.


This product enables very detailed engravings and is used in the production of electrical control panel legends, hazard signs, memorial plaques and many many more every day items.