2D DataMatrix Bar Codes


Dorchester Laser Tech is glad to announce our ability to address all your coding needs.








2D Datamatrix Codes can be encoded exactly to our customers requirements and specifications and engraved into any of the usual materials such as plastic laminates stainless steel and anodised aluminium to name a few.

Perfectly suited to warehousing and any industry which requires complete traceability.
All tags and plates can have human readable text added which will act as
confirmation for the scanned information.

Originally the system was developed and adopted by the US. Department of Defence and took effect on Jan 1, 2004, however, it’s only recently that it’s really gotten rolling. In short, it requires any item costing $5,000 or more and every item deemed to be a “critical component” (regardless of its value) to have a universally unique and unambiguous label attached to it that can be scanned as the item moves throughout the system.

Every time the item is moved to a new location or handled in any way, it must be scanned and the system updated as to the item’s location, condition, readiness, etc. Likewise, when an item is damaged, destroyed or deemed unserviceable, the item’s unique bar code is to be scanned into the system with its updated status.

The system has proven so efficient and reliable that it has been adopted by businesses across the board including the manufacturing sector, electronics sector, retail sector, automotive sector and most recently a form of it called QR Code has been adopted and developed for use with smart phones where the phones on-board camera is used to read the codes which can contain detailed information including links to commercial web sites, contact details, maps, directions, pricing info and special offers.

The 2D Matrix is designed to meet or exceed all the below requirements making it the perfect system for engraving and scaling to fit the available space on a finished product.

1. Can be read omni-directionally.

2. Can be damaged but still return accurate data.

3. Can be scaled up or down to fit within available marking space.

4. Can contain more than 100 times as much data in the space used
to apply a typical bar code.

5. Can be produced using square or round data cells.

6. Can be square or rectangular in shape.

7. Can read symbols to surface contrast levels as low as 20%.



Standard linear bar codes can also be encoded to all the usual formats and
engraved on all the usual materials to produce labels and product tags.







If you would like any further information with regards to the encoding or engraving
of 2D Datamatrix or Linear Bar Codes please contact us for expert advice.