Glass / Mirror


Glass of all different colours, finishes and
grades can be very precisely engraved
or etched using the laser.
Laser engraving glass does not involve
any messy sand grains, masks or
chemical compounds as it simply
uses laser power.

The surface of glass consists of
millions of microscopic bubbles
which were formed when the
molten glass solidified.

When the laser fires contacting the surface of the glass the gasses trapped in these surface bubbles expand causing them to burst, creating the fine white frosting which
is commonly seen on glass products like corporate crystal awards, wine bottles, gift ware, ashtrays, drinking glasses etc. 

Mirror glass can be processed with white frosting like standard glass or details can be reverse engraved through the silvering on the back of the mirror and then colour filled with enamel paint, This process enables us to produce full colour company logos in mirror without affecting the original surface finish.